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Fish Machinery by AKOO | Order Fish Processing Machinery
Fish Machinery by AKOOFish | Order Fish Processing Machinery

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Fish Processing Machinery for Trout by AKOOFish

Fish Machinery by AKOOFish

Fish processing includes making fish and seafood ready for delivery to customers. Once fish is hunted, it must go through several steps before it’s ready to be delivered to the consumers. The process involves gutting, filleting and packaging of the fish. Fish is a highly decayable product, so it must be cautiously handled from the moment it’s harvested until it’s put in packaging material. Correct, effective processing and packaging inhibit spoilage and ensure a quality product. According to the surveys, freshwater fish are usually processed using the hands, with staff utilizing a lot of knives. Employees must be very adept at processing fish manually efficiently and correctly. Overall, manual processing is more usual in small processing bodies.

The importance of using machinery and equipment in the fish industry

Large plants needed automated machines to deliver abundant quantities rapidly. Let’s take a look at the various steps for both manual and automatic processes. By making a careful comparison between manual and automatic processes, you can recognize the importance of using machinery and equipment in the fish industry.
Sorting and grading: Sorting fresh fish is done to categorize species and examine damage and freshness is usually a manual process. Grading fish size, on the other hand, is effortlessly done with machinery. Machine graders precisely and rapidly sort fish. It is believed that automated grading is up to 10 times more effective than manual grading. Still, small plants usually do not make use of automatic graders because of the price of the machinery.
Scaling: Scaling is another step that may be carried out by hand, but it’s one of the most difficult responsibilities since scales can be hard to get rid of. Employees may scale fish with a hard brush or blade. There is no need to scale fish if they are supposed to be skinned or smoked. Some processing plants provide their employees with electric equipment such as handheld scalers. Electric scalers speed up and make the process easier.
Deheading: Freshwater fish may be deheaded using the hands. Typically, saltwater fish are beheaded on a machine. De-heading large fish using the hands needs too much effort, and an automated deheading machine must be utilized. Deheading machines usually make use of band saw blades, cylindrical knives or guillotine cutters for doing this.
Gutting: The gutting of freshwater fish is also usually carried out using the hands and needs a lot of workers. It involves cutting down the belly of the fish and pulling out the organs. A vacuum suction tool may be employed to pull out the internal organs. Plants might use gutting equipment to process specific species. Some machines offer multi-functional solutions and are capable of beheading, cutting and taking out the internal organs.
Fin removal: It is a difficult process to remove fins using the hands, especially for large fish. An automated device produced from rotating disc knives speeds up the process.
Slicing: Slicing fish into steaks is usually performed with a band saw. Large fish need mechanical slicing. There is a variety of slicing machines, like ones that make use of several rotating circular knives.
Filleting and skinning: Plants might be equipped with a filleting machine that utilizes a rotating disc knife and conveyor belt to accelerate the process. An automated tool for skinning comprises a swinging knife propelled by a small electric motor.
As you see, some of the steps of fish processing cannot be done manually and they need much time and effort, so it is better to use machines and equipment to facilitate the fish process. AKOOfish is a leading and innovative company that is a pioneer in using technology and innovative and modern machinery and equipment to make fish processing more efficient and easier.

We are committed to using modern and advanced machines and equipment to complete all the steps of fish processing automatically.

The importance of using machinery and equipment in the fish industry | Order Fish Processing Machinery

Fish processing Plant Equipment

aakoofish has vast experience in supplying fish processing equipment to small-scale fish industry enterprises as well as large-scale fish factories. We offer a variety of machinery for a range of applications. You can rely on us to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to maintain your competitiveness, from single machine design to workflow optimization. We are well-versed in creating  fish processing lines that treat raw materials gently and optimally to reduce waste. We have equipment to process fish, including heading, gutting, and filleting. In addition, we offer filleting machines that are specially made, as well as heading and gutting devices that can recover roe.

AKOOfish fish processing machine

Fish machinery is a must in fish industry. All large and even small plants need efficient machines and equipment to facilitate and accelerate fish processing. AKOOfish is a well-known and reputed brand in this field. We manufacture such high-quality machines that can easily and effectively increase the efficiency and the speed of the process. The most important machines manufactured by AKOOfish include a fully automatic trout gutting machine, rotary gutting machine, deheahing machine and cut lengthwise fish machine.

Popular trout processing machinery manufactured by AKOOfish

A type of machinery used in the seafood business to automate the fish processing process is the fish processing machine. These devices are capable of carrying out numerous operations, including portioning fish, heading, gutting, and filleting..As it was mentioned above, AKOOfish is an experienced brand in manufacturing fish machinery. The most popular trout processing machines manufactured by AKOOfish are explained below.

Popular trout processing machinery manufactured by AKOOfish

1.Fully Automatic Trout Gutting Machine

Fully automatic AKOO trout gutting machine model AG 1493 is an appropriate option for trout, mackerel and sea bass. This is a very robust and effective machine for fish processing. Since this machine is very compact, it does not have many maintenance fees. Stainless steel is employed to produce this machine. This machine is developed to facilitate fish processing and get rid of unnecessary complications. The running speed of the machine is changeable.

Popular trout processing machinery manufactured by AKOOfish
Rotary gutting machine

2. Rotary gutting machine

This is one of the most practical machines manufactured by AKOOfish. This is not only a highly safe machine but is also very hygienic and sanitary. This gutting machine has a high capacity and an enhanced gutting power that guarantees the better cleaning of fish. This machine gutting length is also adjustable. It has also a strong design and needs minimal maintenance.
Deheading machine

3. Deheading machine

AKOOfish is proud of manufacturing one of the best and most efficient deheahding machines in the fish industry. This machine has wonderful features that distinguish it from other ones. It is equipped with a V-shaped cut to deliver the best products. It is an economical option for salmon processing. The process of the cleaning of this machine is very easy and effortless. Since this machine is made up of stainless steel, it is highly resistant to rust which is a very significant feature.
Deheading machine
Cut lengthwise fish machine | Order Fish Processing Machinery

4.Cut lengthwise fish machine

Filleting is a highly important process to acquire high yield. It needs precision and efficiency. AKOOfish is a knowledgeable and experienced company that knows how to provide its customers with the most efficient filleting solution. AF9414 which is professionally manufactured by AKOOfish is one of the most advanced models in this field which is suitable for salmon, trout, and other species with an identical bone structure. It supplies higher yield and easier operation. It makes achieving a clean cut possible with its circular knives.

High-quality machinery for the fish processing industry

Choosing high-quality machinery for the fish processing industry is highly important. You should choose machines and equipment that not only provide a higher yield but also adhere to safety standards. The advanced and modern machines and equipment facilitate fish processing. It can help you produce high-quality products and at the same time improve the safety and health in the workplace. It is very significant to choose a reliable company in the trout processing industry for buying fish machinery and equipment. Many companies manufacture fish machinery and equipment in the trout processing industry, but all of them are not reliable and trustworthy. You must find a company like AKOOfish that combines experience with reliability and quality to manufacture the best machines and equipment in the trout processing industry. They manufacture the most advanced and the most efficient fish machinery to promote and improve fish processing.

Innovative solutions for trout processing

The size and shape of trout may vary according to the growing conditions (wild or cultivated, and malnourished or fully fed fish). Hence, fish processing is a particular operation appropriate for each case. Usually, trout fish is delivered to the markets in non-processed form, in fillets (usually without bones), or as smoked fish. In the case of non-processed fish, some like gutted fish, while others prefer gutted and beheaded, or only in fillets. Thus, the advanced automatic system must offer various processing alternatives based on customer demand. Because of various physiological features (length or thickness), determining the exact cutting points is not certain since the fish is processed depending on its weight.

AKOOfish trout processing machinery price

Trout processing machinery price is dependent on many different factors that must be taken into account when deciding to buy these machines and equipment. Quality is one of the most important factors that affect the price of trout processing machinery. The higher the quality of the machine, the more expensive it will be. Model and features are other important factors that influence the final price of trout processing machinery. Reputation and experience of the company is another influential factor. AKOOfish is one of the most renowned and reputed companies in the fish machinery industry that manufactures its products with the highest commitment and quality. If you want to know the AKOOfish trout processing machinery price, you can contact us on WhatsApp or send us an email. Our colleagues at AKOOfish are available to answer your questions and provide you with the exact and latest prices of our products.