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About AKOOFish

Ghezel Protein Sami Gharb, AKOOFISH, was established in 2013 and located in Zagros mountain region, Iran. Akoofish combines its extensive knowledge of fish processing with investment in product development to create innovative equipment and system for processing of specially Trout/Salmon Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fish. We have a fully integrated Trout breeding, processing and equipment unit and pioneer ourselves on fresh/frozen trout and trout roe in Iran as a result of being the first and biggest exporter to Russia, specimen exporter to Iraq. Also we are following the HACCP rules and principles which obtains a quality certificate for aquaculture and got the license of IR7001 and EC945.
For trout/salmon trout processors, speed, temperature and quality of freezing are essential to achieve optimum product quality and consistency. To ensure this optimum quality of Akoofish products as we called premium quality, fish comes from the spring water at a constant year-round temperature before being slaughtered, high-speed processing, blast spiral freezing system keep them at a premium quality-retaining. Our objective is supplying higher-quality products for customers worldwide; Akoofish innovative equipment, freezing system and program play are key roles in these efforts. For more info you can follow us atwww.aakoo.co